Meet the team.
Renxiu Song
Team Leader

Hi, I‘m Renxiu Song, a sophomore in Tang Aoqing Honors Program in Science (Chemistry). In this project, my work mainly focused on the rational design of self-assembling biomolecules and the assemblies' construction and characterization. I am also a reviewer of the whole project, making sure that each part of work harmonizes with each other.

Sen Kang
Team Vice Leader

Hi, I am Sen Kang. I majored in clinical medicine at the First Clinical Medical College of Bethune, Jilin University. In the team, I was mainly responsible for cell experiments. I helped administrating the team, assigning work and reminding everyone meeting the deadline.

Huashen Wei

Hi, I'm Huashen Wei,a sophomore of Jilin University majoring in Tang Aoqing Honors Program in Science (Biology). The major job that I had in the nano-JLU is to do biological experiments give advice and help coordinating & working daily tasks. I hope to learn more scientific knowledge and make more friends in Biomod!


Dongliang Yu

Hi, I'm Yu Dongliang, a sophomore of Jilin University majoring in Tang Aoqing Honors Program in Science (Chemistry). In our team, I am both a chemical experimenter and a answer. I am responsible for scheduling chemistry experiments and pleading. It's a role that I enjoy because it allows me to contribute to the team's success while also utilizing my organizational and communication skills. I hope this introduction covers everything you need. 

Mengyao Tang

Hi, I'm Mengyao Tang majoring in Preventive Medicine. My primary role in our team is website development. I'm passionate about creating user-friendly, informative websites that bridge technology and our design. I'm committed to keeping our content current, ensuring we provide valuable information. Excited to be part of this team and contribute to Biomod.

Jiaxuan Xing

Hi, my name is Xing Jiaxuan, a sophomore of Jilin University majoring in biological engineering at Jilin University. In our team, I mainly participated in the video making and and artistic designing during the past 8 months. I design the team logo, and participated in the design and display of the presentation.

Yichen Pan

Hi, my name is Pan Yichen majoring in biology science in Jilin University. I have a deep and abiding interest in the field of biomedical science. I was responsible for the idea of the video in this project.

Feiyang Wen

Hi, my name is Feiyang Wen majoring in Life sciences College at Jilin University. My job is to make sure that experiments are designed correctly and successfully. I also do the experiments. After that, I participated in the revision and polishing of the paper.


Professor Shuwen Guan

PhD in biochemistry and molecular biology

Professor at the School of Life Sciences, Jilin University

The research interests are focused on self-assembly of biomimetic and bioinspired nanomaterials, especially peptide based hierarchical assembly.

Professor Wen Li

Professor Wen Li, an expert in the field of chemistry, guides us in molecular design and experimental work. His leadership fosters teamwork and helps us overcome challenges. Our team is privileged to work under his mentorship, gaining valuable experience and contributing to innovative scientific research.

Special thanks
Haoqi Zhang

Hi, I’m Haoqi Zhang, a sophomore in Tang Aoqing Honors Program in Science (Chemistry). I provide help for drawing conceptual diagrams. I hope to learn more interesting knowledge and make more friends in BIOMOD!